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The Naval Tankermen Association was born of a need for mateship and a chance for Tankermen and women to renew old memories and happy times during their Naval service.

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Membership of the Association is open to anyone who has served or is still serving aboard, any former or presently Commissioned Tanker or Supply type Vessel in the RAN, RN, RCN, RNZN, USN or Royal Fleet Auxiliary, this includes all ex crew members of RFA Tide Austral / HMAS Tide Austral / HMAS Supply. Membership is also extended to those personnel of the Royal New Zealand Navy who served aboard the following ships (HMNZS Lachlan, HMNZS Otago and HMNZS Canterbury) during the Mururoa Atoll Atomic Tests in 1973, who would not have been able to conduct that mission without the assistance of HMAS Supply. Tankermen are not born, but are certainly untroubled to follow the “T” pattern for its a well-known fact that words starting with 'T' can usually be akined to a Tankerman including such words as TOUGH and let’s not forget TACTFUL whenever the word “Oil spill“ is mentioned or the inevitable TENACIOUS

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For the interest of all concerned anyone wanting to become a member of the Naval Tankermen Association or renew their Membership please click on the Membership Form link in the yellow box to the right of the page this will take you to a new form system with details of how to pay for you membership which is greatly appreciated. You will also be able to update your details for inclusion in the Association database.

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108 East Street
Bega NSW 2550 Australia

Phone: 02 6492 3060
Mobile: 0428 500407

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For more information on previous RAN Fleet Tankers going back to before WW2 click on this TANKERS link

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